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Atlas Insectos en Inglés

Insect Atlas 2020

Insects are a fundamental part of the basis of life in our world. The Insect Atlas offers on 60 pages and in more than 80 graphics a lot of information about the importance of insects.

Plastic Atlas

Plastic Atlas 2019 (Versión en Inglés)

Facts and figures about the world of synthetic polymers

A world without plastic?
The Plastic Atlas has the hard facts, data and figures to prove that the story of plastic that industry is telling us is a myth. We need urgent and drastic reductions in plastic production and consumption and regulation at the local, national and global level that tackle plastic pollution at the source.

Dossier on line!

Annual Report 2017

En 2017, tuvimos una razón especial para celebrar: nuestro socio ICAN, la Campaña Internacional para Abolir las Armas Nucleares, recibió el Premio Nobel de la Paz. El galardón reconoció a la organización como la fuerza impulsora detrás de un tratado que prohíbe las armas nucleares que fue adoptada por la mayoría de los estados miembros de la ONU el 7 de julio. Si bien las potencias nucleares no estaban entre los firmantes, fue un gran logro el que llevó el movimiento al desarme. debate.

Local actors ready to act: Six proposals to improve their access to the Green Climate Fund

This booklet proposes six specific recommendations to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board, Secretariat and other relevant policy-makers to increase access of local actors to climate funds, and ensure accessible, gender-responsive climate finance decision-making processes. These proposals range from setting up small grants facilities to a complete revision of the operations and results framework of climate funds. The booklet is meant to stimulate more and deeper debate on the crucial role local actors play in the transformative change needed to deal with global climate change.