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Climate Justice and Migration

Mobility, Development, and Displacement in the Global South
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How should policymakers respond to the reality and future prospect of vast populations being displaced and relocated in an era of global heating? With climate change looming, anxiety over immigration from the Global South is increasingly fuelled by apocalyptic fears of ecological breakdown.

This volume offers fresh perspectives on the relationship between climate change and human migration, questioning the pessimistic prisms of ‘security’ and market-oriented approaches to ‘adaptation’ that currently guide policy.

Featuring an array of contributions on law, health, care work, rural and urban development by leading scholars, activists, and journalists, Climate Justice and Migration offers coverage of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean across a range of scales and approaches: immersive fieldwork, scholarly and legal analysis, journalistic reportage, and interviews with activists.

In a world increasingly shaped by climate instability and inequality, the contributors make an impassioned call for the incorporation of justice within frameworks of environmental and migration governance.

Climate Justice and Migration: Mobility, Development, and Displacement in the Global South
Volume 57 of the Publication Series on Democracy
Edited by Ali Nobil Ahmad and the Heinrich Böll Foundation
Concept and editing: Ali Nobil Ahmad and Kirsten Maas-Albert
Copy Editor: Robert Furlong
Design: feinkost Designnetzwerk, Constantin Mawrodiew (derivation design by State Design)
Printing: ARNOLD group, Großbeeren
Title photo: Rising sea levels uproot a tree in Pigeon Point beach, Tobago. © Dizzanne Billy
(the Venezualian interviewee from «Care work, Climate work»)
ISBN 978-3-86928-223-7

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November 2020
Heinrich Böll Foundation and Ali Nobil Ahmad
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Table of contents

Preface and Introduction

Avidan Kent and Simon Behrman
Mind the gap:
Addressing the plight of climate refugees in international law

Natalie Sauer
«Care work, climate work»:
A dialogue with Dizzanne Billy (Trinidad and Tobago),
Oladosu Adenike (Nigeria) and Joyce Melcar Tan (Philippines)

Hashim bin Rashid
Resisting rural dispossession and displacement:
Peasant pathways to climate justice

Nausheen H. Anwar and Malini Sur
Climate change, urban futures, and the gendering of cities in South Asia

Celia Mc Michael
Health and mobility in climate change adaptation:
The importance of well-being in a warming world

Paolo Gaibazzi
Can migration from West Africa be prevented by climate-resilient agriculture?
Lessons in im /mobility from rural Gambia

Ana Naomi de Sousa
«What makes us resist is the land itself»
An interview with Erileide Domingues, Brazil

Tristen Taylor and Delme Cupido
Drought in the Northern Cape, South Africa:
How climate change turned a small town into a permanent refugee camp

Natalie Sauer
Questioning the «poster child» cliché:
Mobility and attachment in the Pacific island of Palau

Christiane Fröhlich
Mobility and climate justice in the Mashriq

Arne Harms
Under the climate radar:
Disaster and displacement in the Bengal Delta

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